who are we?

pasteleria de ciudad is a specialty bakeshop owned and operated by Carmina Esguerra. she is the shop’s founder and mainly responsible for cake design and decoration. carmina graduated in the top ten of the baking and science technology resident course of the American Institute of Baking and she also attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York for short term course.Locally, she studied cake decoration under Heny Sison and Leni Reynoso.

    pasteleria de ciudad is located in urdaneta city, pangasinan. we have a retail outlet in the 3rd floor foodcourt of magic mall, urdaneta city and our main branch is located at the ground floor of ciudad fernandino hotel, mcarthur highway, urdaneta city. we deliver to nearby cities and towns such as dagupan city, villasis, sta.barbara, carmen, rosales and as far as manila,nueva ecija and baguio city.

    we offer homestyle baked products with our supermoist chocolate cake, chocolate caramel decadence, cheese ensaymada and cheese roll being our most popular products. we are also famous for our line of made-to-order and custom designed cakes for special occasions! from themed kiddie cakes to creatively crafted celebration cakes for adult birthdays, debut, anniversaries and engagements. last but not the least, we specialize in making the wedding cake of your dreams.

what does this website have to offer?

    This website aims to introduce pasteleria de ciudad’s sweet creations online:

decorated cakes for kids - baptismal and birthdays

classic debut and wedding cakes in boiled icing

fondant cake creations

homestyle and quality cakes, pastries and bread lines

how do we order?

    we have an online shop that features our regular line of decorated cakes and for custom made cakes, one can contact us via email for design consultation and inquiries.

my email address: cjane_es@yahoo.com

   please wait for an email verification of your order.

how far in advance do we have to place our inquiries/orders?

    our main production is located right in urdaneta pangasinan so we can accomodate orders with minimum led time of at least 2-3 days in advance. we also accept rush orders of our regular design line for overnight but we are charging an additional 10% of the total cake price.

   for bigger, more difficult/elaborate cake designs, we prefer that the orders be placed at least two weeks in advance fto accomodate preparation time.

how long is the shelf life of your cakes?

    we usually bake our cakes one day before the pick-up date and since we don’t use any preservatives in our cakes, they only have a shelf-life of 3 - 5 days, refrigerated. we are not liable for cakes that were not stored properly 24 hours after the cake was delivered or picked-up form our shop.

when will your decorations and icing melt?

    the philippines is a very humid country, especially during the rainy season. under normal circumstances ( not raining ) our boiled icing will not melt or become watery for at least 24 hours. Placing the cakes in an air-conditioned environment will also help. However, extra care must be used during the rainy season. Exposure to extreme weather conditions such as very hot weather and very humid/moist conditions e.g. rain and mist will contribute to the fast deterioration of the cake

what type of cakes,icings,fillings and flavors do you offer?

    for our classic line of decorated cakes, we use BOILED/MARSHMALLOW ICING and CHIFFON CAKE, a light and foamy cake that is avialable in the following flavors: vanilla, chocolate, choco marble swirl, mocha and lemon/orange. Each cake is usually made of 2 cake layer sandwiched together by a filling - chocofudge for chocolate based cakes and caramel ( dulce de leche ) for vanilla and other flavors.

    For our FONDANT cake creations, the cake base should be firm, dense and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the sugarpaste icing (fondant). For smaller cakes, we offer the our supermoist chocolate layer cake and for bigger diameter cakes, we recommend butter / pound cake and other “fruit cakes” such as apple walnut, banana chocochip, carrot raisin and the traditional fruit cake.