About Us

   Literally translated, Pasteleria de Ciudad means ” city cake shop “. 

   Our small specialty bakeshop began as an outlet for my adventures in baking. Our family has been in the hotel and restaurant industry - owning and operating Ciudad Fernandino Hotel in Urdaneta City for more than 20 years. I have been actively involved with the business operations for around 10 years already.  I remember getting excited at the prospect of having a catering function wherein we would be preparing a different set of dishes and having the chance to order a special cake for that particular occasion. As our catering functions became more and more frequent, I toyed with the idea of producing our own cakes and baked products. I have been baking since I was in grade school, using mostly ready mixes and this small tabletop oven that was just slightly bigger than your average toaster oven. I remember having a KitchenAid mixer as one of my most memorable gifts that I got when I turned twelve. Believe me, that small Kitchen Aid mixer and I have been through a lot of years already.

   Although I attended culinary school and trained to be a chef, baking was one of the subjects that fascinated me. Imagine combining just a couple of ingredients ( flour,sugar, butter and eggs) and being able to produce a vast array of baked goods!  With all of these things in mind, I began to dream up my Pasteleria de Ciudad - a specialty bakeshop that will provide the perfect cake that will be the centerpiece of our clients’ special occasions.

    We officially began offering our creative confections to the public in 2001. We put up a small kiosk in Urdaneta City’s first mall - Magic Mall. In the past 6 years, our small kiosk’s cake display never fails to catch the attention of the mall-goers. It is always heartening to see a child’s face light up in delight whenever he or she would spot a familiar cartoon character being featured in our cakes. Young couples would also tease each other about their future wedding cake being just like the one in our showcase.

   It was a few years after we opened in the mall that we renovated the facade or our hotel building - Ciudad Fernandino to incorporate a cake display window that would highlight our bigger and more elaborate cake creations. We also figured out that it would be more convenient for our clients to pick-up their cake orders at our main location rather than go through the hassle of parking and going to the third floor food court location at the mall. In time, sales of our custom made cakes that were ordered in our main showroom in Ciudad Fernandino exceeded our sales in the mall.

   Slowly but surely, we were becoming a popular choice for their custom made cakes despite the presence of the big bakeshop chains such as Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. We could provide unique designs and fit it to suit our client’s preferences. We can also accomodate rush or overnight orders that could not be accomodated by the other bakeshops. Pasteleria de Ciudad was also being tapped to be the local cake supplier of the branches of some of the fastfood chains and family restaurants. Other caterers, restaurants and reception venues would also contact us to be their wedding cake and specialty baked goods supplier.  Our clients does not only come from the nearby towns and cities such as Dagupan City but we have also  delivered to as far as Nueva Ecija, La Union and Baguio City.

   With the help of this website. we aim to reach more clients, especially those working abroad to choose their preferred cake designs and at the same time, be able to order them online for their loved ones’ special occasions.